New mural beautifies downtown Eden

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Something beautiful is growing in Eden, TX. A 30 foot mural with themes taken from the city’s name is being completed by Calina Mishay, an accomplished Texas artist with a passion for the beautification of small towns. Situated at the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 87, the site was chosen for it’s place at the heart of Eden’s central hub.

“We were aware of Calina Mishay Johnson,” said Craig Pfluger, Eden’s Economic Development Coordinator. “We’d seen her work in other towns and finally convinced her to come down to Eden and look at what we had here. Really what we’d like to do is beautify our town, add some art and possibly stop some cars while we’re doing it.”

The city hopes the mural is the start of a new wave of engagement and revitalization efforts. Eden also recently installed a performance stage to their arts center. The mural project was almost jeopardized when Mishay was hospitalized, suffering from dehydration. She recovered, comitted to finishing the piece and hoping it inspires young artists of the future.

“I grew up in a small town and it’s just been a dream of mine to be able to do these large murals and give back to these comunities that raised me,” said Mishay in an interview with KLST and KSAN News. “Some of them have turned into ghost towns, so it’s really cool to be able to go in and do a mural over a week’s time and really get some excitment about revitalization in these small town communities with color.”

Mishay elaborated on the importance of art and artists as well as those in their lives saying, “when parents have kids and they’re creative and they really like encourage their creativity when they’re small, and they’re so proud of their kids for being artists. Then they grow up and they want them to go and get like a ‘real job’… Well I’ve been able to make a really good living doing what I love to do. Support your young artists, support your creatives and buy art. Buy local art.”

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