Mental Health and Season Change

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Sunday was World Mental Health Awareness Day. It serves as a reminder that at a time of year when ‘seasonal affective disorder’ impacts many.

Every person is within two degrees of mental illness – meaning if you or your immediately family don’t suffer with mental illness….a friend of other family member might.

Some athletes and other public figures have been speaking out about their mental struggles and the San Angelo Clubhouse say this is beneficial for bringing awareness to mental health.

Ruben Gallegos from San Angelo Clubhouse says he’s struggled more during daylight savings time in the past, but surrounding himself with others helped.

Gallegos believes being more open about mental health can make a positive change for those who continue to struggle, saying, “it brings out the awareness of mental health and the stigma that many of us have lived with for all of our lives.”

Their are many resources in the Concho Valley including MHMR, San Angelo Clubhouse, and West Texas Counseling and Guidance.

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