Mayor of Robert Lee arrested for theft

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Mayor Allyson Crenshaw of Robert Lee was arrested following an investigation into misappropriation of city funds. Specifically, she is charged with theft, after using city credit and debit cards for personal purchases including utility bill payments. The Coke County Sheriff began an investigation into the matter after being tipped off by another city official back in February. 

“February the 5th or 6th I was contacted by one of the city officials about a possible misapplication of funds,” said Coke County Sheriff Wayne McCutchen. “Started investigating it, got all the bank records, receipts, things of that nature.”

While local officials have voiced strong opinions, the Coke County Sheriff says it is important for law enforcement to be impartial. “You don’t ever want to go into a case with anything other than an open mind,” said McCutchen. “Then you go where the evidence leads you to go.”

That evidence led to an arrest warrant, an affidavit for which charged Crenshaw with felony theft of between $750 and $2,500. The case has been closely followed by local media, and Crenshaw had previously released a statement blaming the purchases on an error with her Amazon Alex, an explanation that was disproven. As far as the theft charges, if found guilty, Crenshaw could face a $4,000 fine or significant prison time.

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