Mask ban lifted and some are concerned

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott has lifted the mask mandate, effective March 10th. This is thrilling news to some, while others fear what this might mean for small businesses state-wide.

Dr. James Vretis, our local health authority, says though the mandate has been lifted, individual institutions will still be able to choose how they move forward. He states, “The business owner gets to decide if they want to require masks, suggest masks, or blow off masks completely.”

Owner of Chadbourne Tavern, Fernando Fuentez, says, “The bars and the restaurants took the biggest hit in 2020 and that’s my biggest concern… that if we move too fast, then we’re going to be the first ones to get back down.”

Dr. Vretis agrees that this may not be the best decision saying, “Look at public health as a whole. Ya know, it’s not just your medical health, but it’s your economic health, your social health, and ental health. Everything like that. So, I think there’s a reason to open up the economy, but I don’t see a reason to get rid of the mask.”

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