Local youth pastor hopes to bring unity to the community

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — A family event scheduled for Saturday along the Concho River is designed for fun and connecting community members.

“The acronym means ‘Building Relationships & Increasing Community Connections,'” said CJ Luckey.

After the death of George Floyd the country saw a divide.

San Angelo Youth Pastor CJ Luckey had the vision of creating something that would bring the community together, and that’s how the idea of B.R.I.C.C. (Building Relationships & Increasing Community Connections) came to life.

“I’m excited that B.R.I.C.C. is gonna be a pathway to change. We’re gonna see things get better and improve in our community and beyond,” added Luckey.

Luckey created B.R.I.C.C. to form events in partnership with local law enforcement agencies and businesses to create unity among the community.

“The vision for B.R.I.C.C. is to become a San Angelo staple, something we can do every 6-7 months that our community can look forward to. Gather together, leave our corners and meet in the middle to have conversations. I believe conversations are the smallest units of change,” explained Luckey.

Luckey said he’s excited to bring change through his events and hopes the message of unity can expand beyond the San Angelo community.

“They (all of the sponsors and partners) loved it, supported it, got behind the vision. I’m excited for our community to come out and show their love and support and to be a part of a better tomorrow,” added Luckey.

“B.R.I.C.C. to me means bringing people together. I think there’s a lot of divisiveness in the world. I think what B.R.I.C.C. is doing is something we can all benefit from. It’s an event that’s bringing people together based on faith, commonality and common sense,” said Mike Adams, COO of CalTech, one of the sponsors for the B.R.I.C.C. event, “He gave us a rundown of what it was and I was floored by it. It was exactly what we needed. The more I heard about it, the more anticipation and excitement built. You can get on social media and everything is very polarizing, B.R.I.C.C. is the exact opposite of that. It’s what San Angelo and the rest of the world needs.”

The first B.R.I.C.C. community event will take place on Saturday, September 19th at The Bosque along the Concho River (330 S. Irving St.). The event will run from 11:00am to 2:00pm and will be free to the public. Some of the agencies that will be at the event include the San Angelo Police Department, San Angelo Fire Department, Tom Green Co. Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Game Wardens. Various community businesses and organizations will also be there, in order for attendees to be informed of resources available to them. The event will also include free food and activities like volleyball, live music and more.

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