SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – One-in-four children in Tom Green County is considered food insecure. During ‘Hunger Action Month’, we’re highlighting some of the reasons as well as local resources available to help fight it.

The Texas Hunger Coalition works with local food banks and school districts to ensure all children receive meals; especially during COVID-19. In Tom Green County, the effort is being made to go through schools to make sure no child goes hungry

Betty Teston, Child Hunger Outreach at Texas Hunger Coalition, says, “In Tom Green County, all of our schools have gone, but one maybe a small very small district, has gone to feeding under the summer model which provides access free meals for breakfast and lunch to all students so it is available. However, there’s still that barrier if it’s served before school, you know the children getting to school for breakfast, that might reduce that participation.”

Another program incentivizes buying dairy products. After a Texas Hunger Initiative study found SNAP recipients fail to get enough milk and dairy with essential nutrients.

Milk and dairy products are especially important for children, but a study, that focused on recipients of ‘SNAP’ benefits, shows they don’t purchase enough milk or dairy products as needed. The Healthy Fluid Milk Incentive Program may help families purchase more of these products for less.

Mary Herbert, Regional Director of Texas Hunger Coalition, said “People that are on SNAP can use their SNAP card to buy 1% or fat free milk, and then they will get a coupon on their registered tight to bring in the next time they come to the store for free, dairy products, in the amount that they spent on the 1%.”

For more on the Texas Hunger Coalition’s Health Milk Incentive, click here.

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