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To keep her business going, Calhoun has decided to take it to social media to post videos and pictures of items for customers to see

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Some Concho Valley businesses deemed “non-essential” like clothing retailers are closed under local, county and state order. To make up for a major loss in sales, many business owners are utilizing social media and their websites to keep customers connected.

“I think it’ll change how everybody does business from now on,” said Dana Calhoun, Owner of Grigsby’s Boutique in San Angelo.

Before the novel Coronavirus outbreak and closures, many of Dana Calhoun’s customers would stop by her boutique to shop in person.

“Women love to get out. Even if they’re not buying anything, they love to be with other women, try clothes on, have a girls day,” added Calhoun.

To keep her business going, Calhoun decided to take it to social media to post videos and pictures of items for customers to see. While her business is considered non-essential and closed, she said her daily practice of posting items on social media provides a sense of normalcy during these times.

“They were messaging me and saying, ‘Please continue to do what you’re doing because it takes our mind off what we’re doing.’ This homeschool thing is killing these moms that need a break from homeschooling,” explained Calhoun.

Calhoun said she was already using social media before the COVID-19 outbreak but she’s had to learn to use it more often and be creative to keep her business afloat.

Recently, she started selling Easter baskets that customers can send to family and friends to celebrate the holiday despite everything that’s going on.

“When we started putting baskets together, I thought ‘I’ve never done this before. I’m not a gift store.’ But I quickly learned how to put one together,” continued Calhoun.

Although the future is unknown, Calhoun said one thing’s for sure…businesses, including her own, will be using social media and other avenues more often once this is all over.

“It’s gonna help us and other small businesses stop doing the same thing everyday. It’s gonna make us step out of the box. It’ll help people think of new ways to attract customers,” said Calhoun.

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