Local business offers virtual eye care alternative amid COVID-19 concerns

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Stanton Optical in San Angelo is offering patients a virtual eye care alternative using telemedicine

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Hundreds of businesses across the Concho Valley are closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak but one local eye health provider is still offering eye care services through new technology.

“It is done through a 100% telehealth communication system, so it is a non-contact eye exam,” said Jacob Urias, Brand Manager at Stanton Optical in San Angelo.

Stanton Optical in San Angelo is offering patients a virtual eye care alternative using telemedicine.

“It’s a fairly simple process. You are run through a pre-screening that does the basics, eye pictures and things like that. From there you sit down with our telehealth system and they run through the full refraction to diagnose the prescription. From there they get the prescription finalized and we can get your order taken care of,” explained Urias.

The service allows community members to receive eye care during a crisis when social distancing is the rule.

“It’s been different but has worked out well. We are able to still have people in and take care of their eye needs without them being worried about someone being up in their face or any sort of issues that could possibly spread illness,” added Urias.

According to Urias, the new technology couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s new technology. It’s digital and a lot of people are excited about it and not having to sit down and wait for a doctor. We are able to get people in and out in 15 minutes. It is a quick process and does the full thing so there’s no worries about anything being missed. It’s just stepping in that digital age and a lot of people are excited about the ability to do that,” continued Urias.

Additionally, the eye care provider is giving patients a pre-screening questionnaire and checking their temperatures before they are let in for an exam. Alternative forms of dispensing are also being implemented, including curbside order pick-up and order delivery options.

The San Angelo-area location offering the virtual eye care is located at 5651 Sherwood Way, #113. For more information click here.

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