SAN ANGELO, Texas – The rush is on with Christmas just two days away, last minute shoppers are turning to local stores to get their final gifts.

Shipping deadlines have already passed for most major brands and because of that, in person shopping is the most effective. For San Angelo’s toy store, Specialties, Games, Toys and Gifts, this is the busiest time of year. At first they were worried about supply chain shortages that have been affecting businesses all over the country but co-owner George Bell, was prepared to order extra product ahead of time.

“We saw it coming early so we ordered incredibly early. I had a back room that was basically full from the floor to ceiling, you couldn’t move back there. We’ve gone through a lot of product but we’ve had the product for the people and that’s really what counted,” said Bell.

If there’s a toy that’s sold out or you just cant find it, George says that they always have a close replacement and to save you some time the toy store has even offered to gift wrap your items.

“We’ve still got good quality arts and crafts, I’m out of my velociraptors but I still have my dragons and that’s what it comes down to is finding those good alternate toys for them,” said Bell.

Specialties will be open till Christmas Eve so get your last minute gifts while you can!