SAN ANGELO, Texas- Don’t be too turned off by the cooler temperatures. Cold weather means its a great time to take care of your plants and if you want your garden to be in full bloom this summer, plant experts in the Concho Valley say this is the best time of year for pruning your landscape.

“You can focus in on landscape tree pruning or you can do shrubs or perennials, just about any plant in the landscape could need pruning at one point or another,” says Water Horticulturist, Allison Watkins.

“Do it in January or February, typically there’s not a lot going on, so its a good time to get it done. Especially after the freeze that we had last year, its going to be a lot of pruning that needs to be done,” said Tam Honaker, with Farmer’s Daughter Landscaping.

It’s been almost a year since the extreme cold that we saw last February that ended up killing a lot of trees and other vegetation in San Angelo. Honaker adds that fertilizing is also extremely important especially after plants continue to recover from the last 12 months, hopefully surviving the ones ahead.

Two reasons why its a great time, many plants are dormant and insects are not around either. This allows vegetation to recover from pruning and halts the spread of disease before spring and warmer weather.

“Among those are oak trees, there’s a disease called oak wilt that isn’t really present in Tom Green County yet but it is pretty prevalent across the state. It’s a funnel disease that will essentially kill most trees that it affects,” says Watkins.

Homeowners tend to have a company come in and do their pruning for them but it is unlikely that you will kill or permanently damage a plant under most circumstances so giving it a try this winter could benefit your garden.