SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – After being added as an amendment by Senator Ted Cruz and authorized by an unanimous vote, Tom Green County was added to the bipartisan infrastructure bill as part of the creation of the Interstate 14.

The Interstate 14 corridor, which will run through the northeast side of San Angelo, connects Texas to Georgia and the states in-between.

Bill Ford, Tom Green County Commissioner explained, “We’re using this, utilizing it, as an industry, not just transportation industry. Utilizing goods and services in this area.”

Tom Green County Judge Stephen Floyd says it’s largely about freight mobility. He said, “Out here we’re food, fuel, and fiber. We’re the producers, and that step needs to get not only to east Texas, but the country, and really to the world.”

This project will likely take many decades but is expected to increase growth in San Angelo.

Judge Floyd also adds, “There’s no money for planning or money or any of that yet but it has to start somewhere. And so from here, the idea is that certain segments were TxDOT is finalizing their route study for the final leg of our bypass here that goes along with Loop 306, and that will align with the I-14 designation. Once that gets signed by the president, and possibly the Interstate 27 corridor, that is also in play.”