How to stick with your New Year’s fitness resolution

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After just three weeks, that motivation starts to fade and most people stop working out

SAN ANGELO, Texas — If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape, experts say one of the hardest parts is sticking with it, mainly because you don’t see results fast enough.

“People are saying, ‘it’s a new year, I’m ready to change my lifestyle, I’m ready to get fit, I’m ready for a change,” said Jenifer Heldenbrand.

The weeks following the new year are some of the busiest at gyms because people are motivated. However, trainers say after just three weeks, that motivation starts to fade and most people stop working out.

“It’s never like that in the middle of the year,” explained Heldenbrand.

According to Heldenbrand, this is due to creating unrealistic expectations.

When people don’t see results fast enough, they become disappointed and simply give up.

“You can’t workout for a week and change your food habits for a week and expect to see a change. Most people are disappointed because they’re not getting the results they want. They don’t realize it takes months of discipline and hard work,” continued Heldenbrand.

She recommended setting achievable goals before getting started.

“Set a goal and when you reach that goal, make a new goal. Start small. Once you achieve the small goals you have for yourself, when you achieve them they amount to one huge goal,” said Heldenbrand.

Heldenbrand also suggested looking at changing your lifestyle and health habits over trying to set a weight loss goal.

Once you get into a healthy routine that makes you feel good — sticking to your resolution will become much easier.

“Once you make it a habit, it’s a healthy addiction. It gives you energy, it makes you feel good. Everything is better when you workout for some reason,” Heldenbrand went on to say.

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