How the local sales tax cycles back to the community

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – For the 2021 fiscal year, sales tax was up over 7% overall, so the City of San Angelo is in an excess of our sales tax revenue by about 3 million dollars. As a result, city council has those additional funds that can be used to improve our city.

That money can be used for unexpected expenses or projects we wouldn’t be able to complete otherwise. It also translates to public safety, road repairs, and programs and other things that enhance our city maintain our city and allow us to continue to grow.

Not only does local sales tax help the city budget allow for economic development, but it also adds to our local economy. Local sales tax paid with each purchase is divided with portions going to individual agencies.

Tina Dierschke, Finance Director for the City of San Angelo, says, “The sales tax that you see on your receipt is eight and a quarter percent. That six and a quarter percent of that goes to the state 1% comes back to the city. A half a percent goes to the county and a half a percent goes to the development corporation as a type B sales tax.”

However, shopping local is not only beneficial for each individual shop we patronize…but also the maintenance and improvement of the larger community.

Walt Koenig, President/CEO of San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, says, “A lot of these businesses support families or have employees who also support families so that kind of kind of fans out and has a lot of impact across a lot of areas.”

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