How San Angelo residents feel about Texas gun bill HB1927

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – After several changes, members of a house and senate conference committee approved controversial legislation over guns. It relates to the carrying of a firearm, by someone 21 or older, without a special permit or training. The bill also includes other provisions relating to carrying and transporting firearms.

Governor Greg Abbott has indicated he will sign the bill, which will add texas to a growing list of states across the country that allow permit-less carry.

A collective vote between the House and Senate resulted in 11 for and 5 against a new bill that allows Texas residents the permitless carry of a handgun. After speaking with locals on the matter, responses mirrored the vote of the Senate and House; any more for the bill to be passed than against it.

A local resident, Lee Lamare, a gun owner, said “I feel like the more the general public is armed, it’s safer for everybody because… It makes the bad guys think twice about doing something stupid.”

Of those we spoke to, just one resident Prini Noriega responded that she does NOT want more guns in San Angelo saying, “A lot of killing… Everybody is wearing a gun and there’s a lot of killing. Even the babies and young people. So we don’t want it to pass.”

The bill has been sent to Governor Greg Abbott and is waiting for approval with his signature.

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