How San Angelo Police Department is approaching new “permitless carry” gun law

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – On the first day of September the new Texas “permitless carry” gun law will take effect for Texas residents 21 or older. Approved by lawmakers during this year’s session, Texans will be able to carry handguns without a license or training.

San Angelo Police Department isn’t seeing a change in policy or protocol but will continue to train for situations that may involve an open-carried handgun.

San Angelo Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Tina Burks, says, “As police officers, we have to go out and actually purchase our own ammo to go practice on a regular basis so we do remain proficient with our firearms know it inside and out as well.”

Police say gun owners will need to be aware that guns will still be prohibited in schools, bars, federal buildings, and other public locations. Burks continues, “understand where they can and cannot open carry, because you cannot open carrying places such as schools, bars, federal buildings polling places I mean there’s a whole list of buildings and they need to familiarize themselves with us, they do not get in, get into any kind of trouble.”

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