The goal is to transform The House of Restoration into a place where people can come for help.

“We’re starting off slow as a church helping people that need help. What better place to come than to church for help,” says Alex Tenorio.

Alex Tenorio is a pastor in San Angelo. A decade ago he tells me his life was in shambles until he found help.

“As a drug addict, I would hit the crack houses to try and get help to get over what I was going through, but when we come to church and God touches you it makes a difference because you’re rid of the drug forever. He cleansed me up in five minutes; I was an heroin addict for about 10 years.”

Alex pastors the House of Restoration, the big blue building that sits in the heart of what San Angelo residents call the Barrio.

“I’m not talking about homeless people. I’m talking about people who are addicted to drugs and they want to change and they want a place to stay. We can supply them a bed, we have showers, we have washer and dryer, we have a refrigerator, stove, food and we have a place of worship.”

Alex says the goal, five to 10 years from now, is to turn this house of worship into a facility to help addicts.

“I wish I had somebody when I was messed up in the streets that would say, let me help you for two, three months, let me pray for you,” says Tenorio.

“People would be so scared of me because I was an addict, because I was labeled as a loser, I was labeled as a mean person, I was labeled as a dangerous person, but I was a human being. I was a soul needing God.”