SAN ANGELO, Texas — Two Fort Concho Elementary third graders are working on a “Passion Project” to help clear the San Angelo Animal Shelter.

“How as third graders can we get pets out of the shelter to help people with their stress, bring them joy and expand their life?,” said Graylon.

Theo Garza and Graylon Graves are third graders at Ft. Concho Elementary school. Together, they’re working on a “Passion Project” to help clear the shelters. It’s part of TRYIS — or Texas Research Institute for Young Scholars. San Angelo ISD gifted and talented elementary students begin working on the project early in the year by finding their passion.

“Why I did this is because I’m very fascinated by nature and there are tons of benefits to having a pet,” said Theo.

The project promotes leadership and teaches students to follow their passion while helping others.

The two students are working with a mentor from Concho Valley PAWS who has been guiding them in their project.

“They reached out to me, they came up with the idea and the name for the program. It’s all been them. All I’ve done is guide them in ways that they can make their program the best that it can be,” said Tori Rubio, Administrative Director for Concho Valley PAWS.

Theo and Graylon created a presentation that includes the benefits of adopting or fostering a shelter pet and facts on different breeds.

In March, they will present to a panel of judges during a district-wide competition. For now, they are using their project to encourage people to adopt a pet during the “Love is a 4-Legged Word Adoption Event” happening on February 15th at the city animal shelter, located at 3142 US-67 in San Angelo.

“It’s going to be from 1pm to 5pm. We hope you come. We just encourage all of San Angelo to come on out,” said the two boys.

During the event, the two will be at a booth with their presentation, encouraging people to adopt or even foster a shelter pet.

On that day, adoptions of all adult dogs/cats will cost $14 and will include up-to-date vaccinations on the pet, spay/neuter, ID tag, microchip, a leash and a collar.

When asked, Theo and Graylon said they hope at least 50 pets are adopted during the adoption event.

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