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Final deadline for mail-in votes

Final deadline for mail-in votes

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS - "We're getting a lot of questions and we don't have any answers quite yet, I know that it was very close, 3 votes difference- but, there are still ballots that will be coming in this week," Vona Hudson, Election Administrator, says.

Provisional and mail-in ballots are still being processed and verified by the elections office.

"People are voted provisionally- if they don't present their photo ID when they come in to vote, if they were sent a ballot by mail, and either never received it or chose not to vote it, and chose to come vote in person- if they cannot present the ballot to us then we have to vote them provisionally," Hudson, says.

People who had problems registering to vote in time are classified as "Provisional" voters. Those Provisional voters who cast ballots last week will be notified by mail whether they actually met the qualifications for their vote to be counted.

"If they think they registered through the Department of Public Safety, we'll have a way to check with them- and if they did we will count it and if they didn't then we won't, so we are going through all of those, trying to get all of those answers, then they will be presented to the board and the board will make the decision whether to count it or not," Hudson, says.

Vona Hudson also went on to say that this is one of the closest races she's come across during her time as Election Administrator. She says it's elections like this that emphasize the importance of voting.

"There's also ballots that are requested by what we call a federal post card application, and those folks have until like the 6th day after election to get those in- this has been happening on every election, it's just usually it's not so close that it makes a lot of difference, and people really wonder about it," Hudson, says.

A final verification will be completed by the ballot board on May 14th.

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