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Angelo State University has decided to compress the fall semester by one week

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Administrators at Angelo State University are still working on plans for students and the fall semester.

“We are planning to have face-to-face classes beginning this fall,” said Dr. Donald Topliff, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Angelo State University.

Angelo State University has decided to compress the fall semester by one week.

“Our plan is to start a week early on August 17th. We will dismiss students the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We want to send them home before the height of the cold and flu season, we don’t want to bring them back after Thanksgiving break,” said Dr. Topliff.

Dr. Topliff also said students will be required to wear face coverings while in class. All students, faculty and staff will be required to do a self-screening before stepping onto the campus. The university has also reduced the capacity in the classrooms so students can maintain social distancing.

“What were doing is splitting the classes so one group of students will come say Monday, another on Wednesday. On the alternate days students can go online to see the lecture given the day they were not there,” explained Dr. Topliff.

ASU moved all classes to an online format after spring break and through the summer semesters. According to Dr. Topliff, the school saw positive results from this change.

“As we look at GPA’s, they were in many cases higher than the previous year. We feel comfortable that the rigor and content was there,” continued Dr. Topliff.

Before moving into the residence halls this fall, students coming from outside San Angelo will need to fill out a self-screening form.

“We’ll stagger arrival of students so we don’t have everyone show up at once and maintain social distancing,” added Dr. Topliff.

If at any point through the semester a student in a residence hall tests positive for COVID-19, the school has a plan in place.

“We will move them to a separate apartment. We have 12 apartments for them to self-isolate. We’ll take care of them, bring them food and care for them. We’ll also provide access to instruction while they’re in isolation,” said Dr. Topliff, “At the end of the day, even though the changes have been painful in a lot of ways, we’ll come out of this a lot stronger.”

Additionally, the university has decided to hold the August and December 2020 graduations virtually.

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