SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) -The nation has been experiencing supply chain issues and it’s having an impact closer to home for the Concho Valley on many items.

It’s having a huge effect on agriculture exports and with agricultural products which are among the Concho Valley’s top exports. Being such a significant industry in the area, this impact translates to our local economy.

Josh Blanek, the Tom Green County Extension Agent for Texas A&M Agrilife, says, “The amount of income it brings in either from on-farm sales to labor to goods that they purchase in town directly contributes to our economy in a big way.”

However, there’s a bright side that lessens the sting for the ‘ag’ industry.

Blanek says, “The good thing is a lot of the time agriculture focuses on agriculture and so those drivers like to haul agriculture products and we’re not seeing as much issue there but there definitely are some shortages and cost of labor is going up.”