SAN ANGELO, Texas- In the earlier morning hours of Sunday, January 23rd, the Matas were asleep in their home when they awoke to their son screaming for them to get out.

“My first reaction was to get my dad. I wasn’t able to so we ran out of the house and grabbed my son and daughter out. We just stood from across the street and watched helplessly,” said Brenda & Jose Mata.

Miguel Mendoza Jr., who is described as the family hero had previously suffered a stroke and was unable to escape from the flames in the home. But Mata adds that she didn’t just lose her father but also her first fur grandbaby, Astro.

“She gratefully did not get burned as bad as my father did but we found her when they were clearing out, so we buried her,” said the Matas.

The Red Cross, as well as the Salvation Army, has reached out to the Matas, who are currently staying in a hotel until they can figure out their next steps.

An old classmate and dear friend of theirs Fernando Fuentez says without hesitation he was ready to help.

“I mean there’s really no words, its just automatic, with something like that. We just have to, there’s no looking back,” said Fernando Fuentez, owner of Chadbourne Tavern and Lily’s Pizza.

Fuentez will be hosting a food plate benefit where all the proceeds will go towards the Matas rebuilding their life.

“This fundraiser is something just quick and fast to generate some income, something to get them going, so they can have some structure. After this we will have a few more events in the near future,” said Fuentez.

The fundraiser will begin at 11:00 a.m. at Chadbourne Tavern until all the food runs out.

The Mata’s are still unsure of what caused the fire but own the land and plan to rebuild in the future.