SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Sidewalks are the main focus for the City of San Angelo Planning Commission because of unclear guidelines that are leaving residents and builders questioning the rules.

During a public discussion at the planning commission’s meeting, the unclear city ordinance is making residents and builders wonder who takes responsibility if the city requires sidewalks in residential areas.

Travis Stribling, Chairman of the City of San Angelo Planning Commission, says it’s at the discretion of the planning departments whether sidewalks are required or not.

“What the problem we’ve got now, is that the city code of ordinances doesn’t specifically call out when sidewalks are or are not required,” Stribling said. “And we think that it’s important that we have those rules outlined clearly so that developers that are looking at making improvements in our community have a clear understanding, of what the requirements are.”

This is important to know since homeowners are responsible for the cost of sidewalks that are put in as well as taxed and liable for accidents.

No decisions have been made yet, but the staff is being asked to work with the development task force to fine-tune changes needed to be made to the ordinance.

Stribling says he believes the final decision will take at least another month or two.

“The result of our meeting this morning was to ask the staff to go back and work with the development task force and some other individuals too, to kind of fine-tune the change to the ordinance. And I think it’s going to take probably a couple of meetings of those guys before it gets back to us. So I think it’d be earliest it’s December and probably more likely January or February,” Stribling said.