SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Grape Creek ISD students will return to classes on August 24th. Teachers there and in school districts across the Concho Valley are getting ready and say they’re happy to get back into classrooms.

This year, there will be special staffers on campus at Grape Creek schools to help students get back to studying in classrooms including tutors and programs to help learning loss after online schooling due to COVID-19 and mental health.

Angie Smetana, Grape Creek ISD Superintendent, says “We’re adding a lot of tutors and programs that will help accelerate the learning loss through our remote learning times or just through the pandemic. And then we’re also, which is great, is adding LPC’s contracting with LPC’s and counselors, so that we can help with the mental health aspect for our students as well.”

Also this year, the Grape Creek School District is also buying all school supplies for students in all classes on school campuses.