SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN) – San Angelo school students return to classes two weeks from Wednesday. That means more children will be back in cars and on roads so the Texas Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, and Kids Safe San Angelo are working together to remind the community of safety precautions with children in the car.

San Angelo State Trooper, Sergeant Justin Baker, says one of the biggest problems they see for back-to-school is parents in the school pick-up line. Students’ little brothers or sisters in the car not secured in a safety seat or wearing a seatbelt is a common issue. Sergeant Baker says, “In the next few weeks, we have school starting in here in San Angelo in the surrounding areas and we’re going to expect the new routines for people some this is going to be their first year of school others back to the grind, and with that being said, we’re going to have that that need for everybody understands the law a little reminder on child safety seats.”

A common question to Safe Kids San Angelo is if car seats must be replaced after accidents whether minor or major. Safe Kids Worldwide directs calls to the customer service number on the side or bottom of your car seat for instructions on the next safety steps.

Safe Kids San Angelo Coordinator, Jamie Harden, explains, “Their customer service team at that car seat manufacturer can run them through it’s about five to 10 questions of how, you know what happened in the accident did your airbags deploy all things like that, and based on what that conversation is, they can tell you they can recommend if the seat should be replaced or if the integrity of the seat wasn’t compromised, you may be able to keep the seat.”