Angelo state hosts student discussion with Mike Conaway

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Angelo State University‘s student government and political science associations hosted a town hall meeting with Congressman Mike Conaway. The event, dubbed “Pizza with Mike Conaway” allowed ASU students and staff the opportunity to meet with the representative and gain a more complete understanding.

Speaking about her motivations for attending, ASU social work major Brennan Doherty said, “I came out today because with the upcoming elections, I’m not really sure who I am going to be voting for, and I would want to know more about his beliefs and his values and that could help me decide who I’ll be voting for,”

Questions and discussion covered a broad range of topics from immigration and cyber security, to the inclusiveness of the republican party, and healthcare. Speaking on the importance of such events, Congressman Conaway said, “well it, in fact is our representative form of government. It’s the way it should work is for members to be able to be accessible – be open to the conversations that we’ll have and not sequestered some place.”

The event also allowed Congressman Conaway to touch on some of the recent accomplishments congress has achieved recently. “For the first time in over a decade,” said Conaway, “we got the spending bill for the department of defense done on time. So now there’ll be a full year for the dod and pentagon to exploit or execute that budget.”

Following this event the congressman, who represents U.S. district 11 will be visiting Bronte and Brady for a town hall and a meeting with the farm bureau.

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