Afghanistan crisis impacts San Angelo

News Connection

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Officials say Afghan refugees are being processed in Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia, but is also making an impact in the Concho Valley.

Many veterans and Embassy Officers are revisiting their military experiences over the past 20 years including San Angelo Chamber of Commerce CEO, Walt Koenig. Koenig spent 4 years as a Senior Commercial Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and is in contact with friends and fellow Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

Koenig says, “We still have 10,000 or so people who are American citizens in country. And I know the Kabul airport extremely well I’ve been through it 100 times. I know the city very well. It’s a city of 5 million people without a single stoplight in the whole city. So moving from point to point is almost impossible under the best conditions. And I can only imagine how tough it is with the Taliban checkpoints and other countermeasures to get to the airport as our citizens are being directed to do.”

Angelo State University Department Chair of Political Science, Dr. Matthew Gritter, says this crisis is not only an issue in Afghanistan, but may also have longstanding impacts on how the U.S acts internationally and how we interact with international allies in the future.

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