New Texas prescription monitoring program law delayed


Texas doctors and pharmacists were originally required to check the State’s prescription monitoring program starting this year. A new law, however, gives them a little more time before that mandate goes into effect. This law is purposed to streamline workflow and protect patients from opioid misuse.

Debra Pratt with Texas Oncology feels the Texas Legislature found a balance between the government and doctors to control the opioid epidemic. They are delaying the mandate for doctors to check the prescription drug monitoring program that was supposed to go in effect in September, to March. Debra wants to see more integration to make the process with electronic health records more seamless for physicians.

Some people feel completely different regarding PMP (prescription monitoring program.) The idea of the program is that people won’t be able to jump from doctor to doctor and get various prescriptions from each one. Some feel that very often, people with substance abuse issues are going to find a way to get what they need regardless. This program also will give researchers a better idea into who is prescribing these controlled substances and how often patients are filling them.

Under this new law – the State will have to form and advisory committee this September. Committee members will have to make recommendations to the State Pharmacy Board about how to address system weaknesses and workflow challenges. This committee will include physicians from a variety of different practices, as well as pharmacists.

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