SAN ANGELO, Texas – Tilly & Mint Spa and Apothecary on South Bryant Boulevard opened on January 5th by owner Courtney McPherson and co-owner De’Aun Hipsher. The female duo both worked in the spa industry for at least 10 years before opening their own business this year. These women have been friends since their middle school days.

“We want people to come and feel comfortable,” McPherson said. “We want women, their children, husbands, and we want all family members to come in and feel welcomed. Hopefully they get the feeling to finally drop everything out the door.”

This spa and apothecary service plans on supporting local businesses within the Concho Valley. They want to acknowledge those who create products for the spa industry.

“We’re hoping to help our community by bringing people in to help us out with products for the apothecary, such as people who have goat’s milk honeybee farms and anyone who makes their essential oils.” Hipsher stated.

Knowing this business opened less than three weeks ago, McPherson has big plans ahead in the near future. She says they’re just getting started and hopes to provide the necessities for current and future clients.

“We wanted something different,” McPherson expressed. “So for San Angelo we wanted to offer another option and another way to enjoy your spa services but also shop in a different way that’s organic eco friendly.”

For more information, visit the Tilly Mint and Spa Facebook page.