SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Department of Justice has proposed a rule, that if made into a law, would affect handgun owners with “stabilizing braces”. This would make brace owners need to take action when it comes to their weapons.

“There’s 120 day period that the firearms have to be dis-configured or destroyed. I doubt anybody’s going to do that or they have to be registered under NFA. Normally, the NFA registration is a $200 tax stamp, $200 fee, they’re gonna waive that” says owner of Field and Streams Sporting Goods Cliff Wagner.

The proposed rule says that handguns with the stabilizing brace would essentially turn their handgun’s style of firing into that of a Short-Barrel Rifle (SBR), and therefore have to follow the regulations of an SBR put forth by the National Firearm Act. To learn more about the rule, click here.