New iPhone 10, available Friday, 11/3/2017


Hey, iPhone lovers! The new iPhone X, (10), will be released tomorrow on Friday, November 3, 2017, in Apple stores. 

This will be the latest version of the iPhone, and it’ll come available at 8:00 AM in Apple stores. Those who have pre-ordered their phones have begun getting notifications that their phones are now shipping. 

Iphones will be available for walk-in customers who didn’t pre-order, but buyers are encouraged to arrive at Apple stores early. The new smartphone boasts a display that takes up the entire screen, wireless charging and a rear camera with dual optical image stabilization. It lacks a “home” button, but is introducing face-scanning technology for unlocking the phone.

The iPhone X, (iPhone 10), is the most expensive smartphone ever, with the starting base model price set at $999.

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