SAN ANGELO, Texas — The National Weather Service (NWS) Office in San Angelo wants to make sure people reign in their expectations for drought relief — even if rain falls in the Concho Valley.

‘We regret to inform you all that this is the ‘Don’t get your hopes up graphic’,” said the NWS in a Facebook post published on Tuesday morning, April 19, 2022.

While the NWS-issued forecast includes the possibility of rain in parts of west-central Texas, up to a 60% chance in some areas, NWS says it probably won’t be enough to help area lake levels or lawns.

“Yes…it absolutely may rain today with some showers and a few storms across the area,” said the NWS. “No, don’t expect totals anywhere close enough to help lakes, or your lawns, or stop the fire weather concerns across the area. A tenth of an inch or less for most locations.”

Courtesy: National Weather Service, San Angelo

The NWS left some room for hope in the near future, saying that the possibility of rain over the weekend and early next week may help alleviate drought conditions in the region.

“The good news on that side is that the rain totals possible over the weekend and into early next week are looking more hopeful and more helpful,” said the NWS. Forecasts on the NWS website for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday include chances for rain and thunderstorms across the area.