Pfluger to Biden: Enforce our Border Security Laws

National News

WASHINGTON, DC – Following a trip to Del Rio where he witnessed 15,000 illegal migrants freely crossing the southern border, Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) joined Congressman Tony Gonzales (TX-23) and other Republican lawmakers in introducing a resolution, House Resolution 676 demanding that the Biden Administration enforce federal immigration laws and secure the southern border, according to a release from Congressman August Pfluger’s Office on Friday.

House Resolution 676, according to the release, requires the Biden Administration to reinstate President Trump’s Remain in Mexico Policy, enforce Title 42 expulsions, commit more CPB and ICE agents and resources to secure the southern border, and support Governor Abbott’s September 20th statewide emergency disaster request.

“The only thing President Biden had to do was uphold President Trump’s border policies that were already working,” said Congressman Pfluger. “Instead, he flung the border wide open to those looking to enter our country illegally. His policies and rhetoric are incentivizing record numbers of dangerous crossings—which we saw on full display in Del Rio with 15,000 migrants gathered under the bridge after freely crossing our border. We are rapidly losing situational control of the southern border and without a full understanding of who or what is entering our Nation, President Biden has surrendered the safety of every American citizen, increased drug and human trafficking, and caused a major national security risk to the United States. This bill is simple: enforce the laws we already have on the books.”

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