WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – According to “Accidental Gun Statistics”, over 4-million children live in a home with at least one unloaded or unlocked gun, which can lead to tragedy.

“Parents lock your guns away. Lock them up, put them away, you can’t leave them around and assume that the child is never gone to find it or not going to mess with it.”

Big Iron Handgun License Training owner Johnny Price knows the ins and outs of gun safety.

For anyone owning a gun, he says they should too know the ins and outs of gun safety, especially parents with children in the home.

“Kids watch TV, they see guns, they see it all the time in all the movies. They just don’t realize especially small children just exactly what it is.”

Price walked me through how easy it is to pull the trigger on a gun which is what happens when children get a hold of one.

He says parents must practice safety techniques, hiding a loaded gun is never a good solution because kids will find them.

“Whether it be from putting it in a safe, or using locking mechanisms that they make. These locking mechanisms come with every firearm you buy if it’s new. To lock and keep the trigger from being accessed.”

With Wednesday’s shooting death of a two year old girl in Waco, Police Chief Sheryl Victorian says this makes the second toddler to die from a self inflicted wound.

“These deaths should empower us to want to make a difference and take ownership and protect the lives of our loved ones. Particularly our children from all gun related incidents.” says Chief Sheryl Victorian, Waco Police Chief.

The Waco Police Department urges all gun owners to lock, secure, and safely store weapons and not leave them easily accessible for children.

Victorian says the department is doing all they can to fight against the rise in crime violence, including ongoing targeted operations aimed at seizing illegal and stolen guns, arresting wanted people, and  identifying people involved in illegal activity.

“Wednesday was a tragic day for this community as one more innocent life will not be able to thrive in our vibrant city.”

“By teaching children about firearm safety it saves more lives than anything else.” says Price.

Price has a project child safe pledge that parents and children can sign for adding awareness and protection.