If you’ve been living under a rock lately and somehow missed Tariq the “Corn Kid’s” accidental stardom this past summer, you might not understand why a seven-year-old recently became so excited about giving away 50,000 cans of corn.

Corn Kid came out of nowhere, bringing to the world a joy and happiness most unexpected. He made it contagious to love simple things again when he was interviewed with a corn on a stick and gave the simple vegetable, that most of us take for granted, rave reviews. His recorded interview pulled in millions of views online.

Fans across the country began putting Tariq’s recorded interview to music, and the sweet video of Tariq became even more popular.

Now the country is celebrating Thanksgiving with the Corn Kid, thanks to Green Giant®.

“Thanksgiving is practically a holiday about corn. I mean, every day could be a holiday if you get to eat corn at some point – but this is the one day that we get to stay home with family, watch a big parade, and then eat corn. Lots and lots of corn. It’s my favorite day of the year!” said the seven-year-old in a statement released by Green Giant®.

Tariq and Green Giant® teamed up to elevate corn from a simple side dish to the star of the Thanksgiving table this year.

The Corn Kid and Jolly Green Giant® also donated 90,000 cans of Green Giant® veggies on Monday, including 50,000 cans of corn, to City Harvest in New York. That’s enough for 270,000 New Yorkers to have a serving of veggies this holiday season! Corn Kid will be at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, too.

“Corn Kid has a giant heart, and we are thrilled to help him share his love of corn with his community this Thanksgiving with an enormous donation of our canned veggies,” said Kristen Thompson, Senior Vice President & President, Frozen & Vegetables, B&G Foods.

Corn Kid and Green Giant® will be sharing some of their favorite kid-friendly corn recipes, too.

The Corn Kid’s Corniest Mac ‘N’ Cheese recipe.

And that’s not all you’ll find on the Green Giant® website. There are other recipes and even a sweepstakes to win an official Corn Kid apron!

For more information, visit: https://greengiant.com/cornkid