Erie, Pennsylvania (WJET/WFXP/ — The son of a famous National Hockey League (NHL) player is in hot water. Carson Briere, Danny Briere’s son is allegedly seen on security footage pushing a handicapped person’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs at an Erie bar.

The security manager who removed Carson Briere from Sullivan’s Irish Pub has spoken out to JET 24/FOX 66/

Staff of Sullivan’s Irish Pub said that they have zero tolerance for behavior like this at their bar.

The security manager at Sullivan’s Irish Pub said two Mercyhurst University athletes, Carson Briere of the men’s hockey team and Patrick Carozzi of the men’s lacrosse team, are seen in the video below pushing a disabled person’s wheelchair down a flight of stairs at the bar Saturday night.

“I grabbed him on the shoulders and said, ‘I’ve got video of you tossing a wheelchair down the steps, like it’s time to go,'” said Nate Sanders, security manager at Sullivan’s.

The restrooms at Sullivan’s are on the lower level. There’s no elevator at the bar, so security has to physically carry anyone who is unable to walk down the stairs.

“Unfortunately, the building was built in 1905 and we’re pre-ADA, so our bathrooms are downstairs at the moment. So, we do what we can to accommodate anybody with any type of disability,” Sanders explained.

That’s why the victim’s wheelchair was at the top of the steps.

The security manager at Sullivan’s Irish Pub said that he was helping the handicapped individual go into the bathroom downstairs when he heard a ruckus.

“We heard something that sounded like somebody falling down the steps. We went out and checked, didn’t see any sign of anybody falling, but when it was time to bring her back up the stairs, we found her chair at the bottom of the steps,” Sanders recalled.

That’s when he checked the security footage and saw who was responsible.

But the damage had already been done, the victim now needs a new wheelchair.

“One of the arm rests were cracked, the brake lever was bent, as well as one of the push handles was bent,” Sanders explained.

Carson Briere released a statement saying, “I am deeply sorry for my behavior on Saturday. There is no excuse for my actions, and I will do whatever I can to make up for this serious lack of judgment.”

Mercyhurst University released a statement Wednesday saying that both athletes, along with a third, have been placed on suspension while an investigation is being conducted.

“I guess it comes down to bad behavior breeds bad behavior. So, without some type of accountability, it’s a vicious cycle of repetition,” Sanders lamented.

A Go Fund Me page has been created for the victim. They said that the victim wants to donate everything over the cost of her replacement to individuals like themselves in need of mobility.