WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Popping and crackling fireworks are getting ready to fill up the night sky, but an enjoyment for family and friends is a sensory overload for our furry friends.

“Dogs do get scared, people put them outside, fireworks go off and they run,” said Kandi Hillyer, Executive Director for the Central Texas Humane Society. “They can scale fences quickly. They can get injured, so not only can your animal end up here at the shelter, they can end up injured.”

To ease anxiety and minimize injuries, Hillyer recommends making a comfortable space for your dog.

“Maybe put them in a bathroom with some music playing with a fan going to kind of drown out some of the sounds from the outside,” said Hillyer.

If they do run away, Hillyer says getting your pet micro-chipped and tagged is a big help in finding them.

“If your animal isn’t micro-chipped this weekend, you can go run out to one of the pet supply stores and get a metal tag made for their collar with their name and your name and your phone number,” said Hillyer. “That way, if the animal’s found, it can make its way home quick.”

To ensure owners reconnect with their pets, Cribs for Canines will have volunteer scanners at Hewitt, Waco, and Bellmead Police Departments.

“We’re kind of getting in front of them, having to go to the shelter to reunite them back to their families immediately,” said Michelle Ann, board member of Cribs for Canines.

Hewitt Police Department has their own scanners on patrol, but Chief Devlin says it’s makes the search and rescue process easier.

“We don’t always know when the public finds an animal, they don’t always call us. So, this is just another alternative, another area for them,” said Chief Delvin. “An area for them to go to scan the animal for microchip so we can get it back to where it’s supposed to live.”

Cribs for Canines anticipates scanning at least 200 pets on the Fourth of July.

They say pets who aren’t claimed will be placed in the animal foster care system.