A hospital is dressing up newborns in Baby Shark onesies for Shark Week

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Emily Thomas is one of the babies born at The Christ Hospital Health Network from Sunday, July 28 — Saturday, August 3.

(CNN) – Baby Sharks, doo doo doo doo doo doo, get a treat!

It is Shark Week and if you thought that this week could not get any better, just keep reading.

On Sunday, Discovery Channel’s sacred summer tradition began and The Christ Hospital Health Network decided to get in on the celebration too.

Every baby born at the Cincinnati hospital from July 28 through August 3 will receive a limited edition Baby Shark Onesie. They are adorable to say the least.

The fun is not just for baby sharks though! A special Snapchat filter has been activated at the hospital’s two birthing centers and the aquarium.

A Baby Shark Snapchat filter was activated at The Christ Hospital’s Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township birthing centers, as well as Newport Aquarium.

Bo McMillan, a senior marketing consultant at The Christ Hospital Health Network, says the hospital has been giving out special edition onesies for about a year.

“We typically pick a holiday in a specific month and give out onesies on that day or the weekend of the holiday,” McMillan said. “This is the first time we’ve done it for a full week.

“The hospital has already given out 75 onesies and expects at least 150-175 babies to be born by August 3.

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