SAN ANGELO, Texas -The San Angelo chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is celebrating its 75th anniversary. They have been combating injustice, ensuring education on voter rights, as well as economic and political equality since 1946.

“Were just excited to say that we’ve served this community and are excited for work on the next 75 years,” said Sherley Spears, President of San Angelo NAACP.

Spears continues telling us why its so important for a community to have an NAACP chapter.

“There are a lot of social ills that are still going on. We still have discrimination, racism, prejudice and issues with police reform. The NAACP is very relevant today, probably like it was many, many years ago even before the civil rights movement,” added Spears.

Special guests from U.S. Representative August Pfluger (TX-11), to Mayor Brenda Gunter, down to the President of the Chamber of Commerce Walt Koenig were in attendance.

Congressman Pfluger says he is quite proud of the work the chapter is done and event presented the chapter an award.

“It’s much bigger than a local chapter, were talking about the American dream, were talking about opportunity. The work that any of us do regardless of race, religion, credence, or any beliefs, its all about having that opportunity. That’s what Sherley is stands for, that’s what this organization stands for and I’m so proud to celebrate 75 years with them,” said Representative Pfluger .

The chapter is always looking for activists in the community to get involved in making San Angelo a better place.

“We would love to have you be apart of Unit 6219, here in San Angelo and be a mover and a shake here in the community,” said Mechelle Grooms Reed, Vice President of San Angelo NAACP.