Mystery themed Family Day at San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts


Today was Family Day at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, and today’s theme was mystery at the museum.

The museum had a live game of Clue, and there is 16 possible games you can play throughout the galleries.

Be Theatre partnered with the museum to act as the characters in Clue, giving participants a chance to interact with what is displayed in the exhibit.

Family Program Manager at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, Bailey Upton, says, “this is such a busy and popular Family Day that we just get a lot of families coming through, and a lot of families don’t necessarily know what we have on exhibit, until they actually come up here and see for themselves. So, they get to see the exhibit, they get to play around in the games, and they get to explore and have fun in the museum.” 

Each clue game has been completely booked for the day and the event ran until one in the afternoon.

Last year over 48 families came through, and 1,000 to 2,000 people were expected to show up today.

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