Myron Aldan: The most patriotic people you will find are from those islands


November 11 is Veterans Day. In honor of the significance of this date, we wanted to share some veterans’ and active duty service members’ stories with you.

Myron Aldan, Petty Officer First Class, Navy

“My name is Myron Aldan and I am active duty. I’m in the United States Navy. I’m a Petty Officer First Class.

“I’m a Pacific Islander. I’m the end of the Pacific Islands called Saipan. It’s part of the chain of the Northern Mariana Islands, and it’s a U.S. Territory. And the people from there are called Chamorros.

“Everybody thinks the military is Caucasian or Black, but they never think Pacific Islanders serve. The most patriotic people you will find are from those islands. Everyone will want to serve the United States of America because it’s the best country in the world and to not be recognized is just like a slap in the face for us.

“One thing that I want everyone to understand is that the military is a very diverse military. It’s just like creating a cake, we’re all a different ingredient to make that cake. You take away one of those ingredients that cake will not be a cake. We are part of the ingredients, the military, so include us in there always be aware that there are different people in the military not just two or one.”

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