SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Several San Angelo Police Department officers were highlighted for their heroism and acts of bravery in 2022.

According to a release from the SAPD, multiple awards were given for lifesaving actions that officers took to save citizens in 2022.

This award went to Officer Pedro Rodriguez and Officer Jacob Anderson for evacuating two apartments during a fire at a San Angelo apartment complex.

Officer Phillip Jensen was also awarded the lifesaving award for starting CPR during a call and continuing until the San Angelo Fire Department arrived.

During a call of distress, both Offucer Steven Martinez and Officer Zach Villarreal helped prevent a citizen from harming themselves during a mental health crisis. The two officers were also given a lifesaving award.

Every year the SAPD encourages its employees to nominate officers for meritorious awards through a nomination process. These nominations are submitted to the officer’s chain of command for review. The nominations will be submitted to the “Meritorious Review Board” after being reviewed. The “Meritorious Review Board” will then determine if the officer’s actions meet the criteria for a meritorious award. The board will make a recommendation to the Chief of Police who then decides if the officer will receive an award.

The San Angelo Police Department shares that it is proud to recognize these officers for the actions they took. They add that their actions are direct reflections of what the SAPD strives for when it comes to meeting the needs of the community.