SAN ANGELO, Texas — As of today according to the Texas A&M Forest Service 195 counties are under a burn ban which is the most the state has seen since November of 2011.

Factoring in heavy droughts, upward-trending temperatures, and drought-stressed fuels and grasses are more vulnerable to sparking wildfires.

“2011 was one of the most devastating years for wildfires in Texas,” said Texas A&M Forest Service. The organization alone responded to 3,312 wildfires burning more than 2.9 million acres throughout the year. So far this year they have responded to 1,103 wildfires, burning 483,423 acres.

Texas A&M Forest Service went on to say, “It is more critical than ever for Texans to keep Texas safe this summer by obeying local burn bans and restrictions and avoiding any outdoor activity that may cause a spark. #OnlyYou can prevent wildfires!”

CC Texas A&M Forest Service Burn Ban Map