More homes being built in the $200’s because of building costs


First time home buyers here in San Angelo say it was not easy finding a decent home under the $175,000 price point.

Rising building costs could be the cause of that.

“This house was on the market for 48 hours before we made our offer. That’s why he had to come see it before i could even look at it.”

Shanna and Zack Johnson are newly married and just bought their first home together.

Scott Allison, owner of Scott Allison Real Estate says some houses go faster than others, “you are looking at someone who is looking at a $150,000 house…you are going ‘oh my god we couldn’t even get a contact on it because it already sold.”‘

This is something that newly weds Shanna and Zack understand when looking to buy their first home.

“For us we wanted something that didn’t need a lot of updating, so that kind of put a lot of houses above our price range that didn’t need any remodeling or anything like that,” said Zack.

Allison agrees those types of homes get sold quick.

“I am saying a house for $100,000 and it’s clean and neat. I’ll sell it tomorrow.”

Shanna and Zack say that finding a house in their price range and qualities they liked was really difficult because there wasn’t a lot to choose from.

“I think it was very difficult to find a house that was within $160,000. A lot of the houses that would keep popping up on all those websites we would keep looking at were like $175,000 and above.”

The couple’s housing budget was just under the median price of a home in San Angelo which is $150,000.

Shanna tells us that their options were limited, “it is hard to find a house that is decent and doesn’t need a total remodel  and everything. So I would say it is kinda bad in San Angelo, but hopefully it will get better.”

“There’s really no middle ground. Our house went off the market in 48 hours and then we would look at houses just out of our price range that had been there for 75 days,” Zack adds.

Options look to be limited for first time buyers like the Johnson’s and as Allison tells us the cost of building is only getting more expensive.

“A couple of builders are going to able to build under the $200,000, but not a lot. You are going to see a lot of people building at 200 square feet so you are going to see those houses are going to be over 200. The cost of building supplies is more expensive therefore houses are more expensive.”

For Shanna and Zack they saved while living in an apartment, got pre-approved for a loan and took the appropriate steps before hand. The happy couple ended up getting lucky closing on their idea of a perfect first home.

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