SAN ANGELO, Texas- While the kids are away the moms will play! After dropping their kids off for the first day of school, moms were invited to In Vino Veritas to celebrate the new year.

“Why don’t y’all do mimosas for all the moms when they have to drop off their kids for the first time and I said oh no way,” said Amby Richards, owner of In Vino Veritas, and Nicole McDuffie, owner of the Plated Dish.

But with a bit of planning Richards and McDuffie’s minds had changed as they teamed up to give moms a breather on the first day.

“And then we just thought why not,” said the duo.

Mom of two Kayla Jones tells us this event was perfectly timed.

“I’m ready for a break, I just needed a break today,” said Jones.

The prep for the first day is stressful, between getting all the school supplies, their schedules, and of course the perfect outfit.

“This is just our way of kind of unwinding and saying okay we survived that. The kids made it to school safely everybody was on time so it’s just a couple of hours where we can just breathe for a minute,” added Jones.

Motherhood is a job like no other and support from those around you, Jenn DeAtley tells us, is so important.

“The mom community is everything because it’s 24/7 and it’s exhausting. It’s a huge blessing in my life but it’s just nice to have that support and that encouragement from friends,” said DeAtley.

The event was such a hit, that they plan on doing it again.

“Maybe a Fall back to school event after those holidays and spring break. Or not spring break but after Christmas break, although we might need another one at spring break too,” said McDuffie.