SAN ANGELO, Texas- The historic downtown area of San Angelo is thriving with new businesses and a new restaurant is bringing a different vibe to the city.

We try to give it a big city feel,” said Ronnie Cajas, co-owner and executive chef of Urban Salt.

“I wanted it to be bright and colorful and just a place where you can come in and the atmosphere just kind of envelops you,” said Michelle Chapa, co-owner and designer.

With chef-focused food and craft cocktails, the menu brings a modern fusion feel to West Texas.

“I like to have a more modern feel of my menu items with a traditional fusion of modern style food that has traditional flavors,” said Cajas.

While the food is divine, the design is what brings everything together.

“We really wanted to put a lot of details into this restaurant. Places tend forget the design and to have something of a vision, but we made it all come together with design, food, drinks, so we wanted it to look like ‘oh my gosh’ they actually put a lot of thought into this place, which we did,” said Chapa.

Urban Salt is located off West Beauregard Avenue and yes they are already a hit.

“I would actually say I think it’s been more successful than we hoped or even thought it would be,” said Cajas.