Merkery rescue host adoption event outside Tractor Supply


SAN ANGELO, Texas–Taking on a four legged friend isn’t an easy task. While it may be exciting and memorable, it sometimes becomes to much for some people.

Kristina Bridges with Merkery rescue said, ” People really need to be committed to a dog for life. Because these dogs found themselves in the pound because someone wasn’t committed to them. So we really want people that are wanting a dog and wanting to put in the work that it takes to take care of a dog.”

Merkery rescue, a non-profit organization hosted a adoption event to help rehome some of the “forgotten” furry friends.

‘We’re Merkery rescue. We’re online, we have a website and facebook with our available dogs online. We can be messaged on facebook or on our website if you’re interested in any of our dogs.”

So, if you’re wanting a furry friend for life, look towards giving new life to one that was ‘forgotten’.

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