Mental health issues spike around the holidays


Anxiety and depression can effect not only your brain, but also your whole body.

An LPC at MHMR, Armando Dominguez, says, “‘It’s all in your head,’ it’s not. Many times a person’s body will depress before they have depressing thoughts and feelings.”

Around the holidays, depression and anxiety spike.

“We see an increase in people reporting higher levels of anxiety and depression, and we also hear more of people struggling with alcohol and drug use in particular to help with those stressors,” says Dominguez.

Stressors include social anxiety around family, financial pressures and even new years resolutions.

“If you give yourself goals and you want to meet those goals and you don’t it can kind of be a depressing thing, and we tend to personalize that,” says Dominguez

10-13 minutes is the amount of time, Dominguez says, it takes a suicidal individual to think, plan, and act.

“If you keep them talking 10 minutes, that drops the numbers of people attempting and completing drastically,” says Dominguez, “…one of the things that we can do that may actually change their mind if they are particularly suicidal, give them that ten minutes in listening.”

Ways you can spot if a person is feeling high stress is through their body language or a change in their every day behavior. If they choose to not talk, they can also seek help through the National Suicide Hotline or locally.

“We have the mobile crisis intervention team, the MCOT team. Also, we have mental health deputies that can go out and do an assessment then. If they do for whatever reason have to take somebody into the hospital because they become unsafe, it is not an arrest.”

Although we cannot control how other people are feeling, we can control how we deliver our messages to those whom we might think are just upset.

“Listening is a lot of times the most effective things that we can do,” says Dominguez.

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