SAN ANGELO, TX— Football teams think of themselves as a brotherhood. But within this brotherhood, there is a special dynamic.

“Well, I don’t see him as my uncle,” said senior fullback Jay (Jaykob) Guerrero.

The Menard Yellowjackets are entering a new season as a six-man football team. Senior Joel Guerrero, the uncle to Jay, is glad to have him not only by his side but also in his backfield.

“Having Joel back there with me, I think it’s like a really special moment considering we are really close. It’s something my dad has always wanted for us just to grow up playing football together and it’s something I’ve wanted really bad just to come to Menard and get to play football here. Sharing it with Joel is awesome especially since we are seniors. This is our last year we are going to go all out and try to go state,” said Jay.

With Joel as the Yellowjacket running back and Jay as the full-back, they see how one makes the other stronger.

“Yeah, he can block, he can run, he can throw. So I think it just makes our team better,” said Joel.

It’s been a dream of theirs to be able to play together on the field and with this being the first year they get to do that, makes their senior year something they are looking forward to.

“He’s more of like a brother to me. I’m excited to be in the backfield with Joel. Ever since we were little we’ve always dreamed about playing football just together. I think it’s going to be awesome,” said Jay.

Their future plans are to attend Angelo State University after high school.

“ASU is only an hour away so we know we can just come back if we wanted to,” said Jay.