Men from around the community take the pledge to stand against domestic and family violence


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Family Shelter in San Angelo serves victims of domestic and family violence who live in the Concho Valley.

“Last year we had 483 adults and children residentially, and approximately 200 non-residentially, where they could receive services and classes and support services,” Valerie Tillery, Policy and Legal Director at the Family Shelter, said.

Throughout the month of October, the Family Shelter is holding events to raise awareness on the issue.

October 15, 2020 there was an opportunity for men from around the community to take the pledge to stand against domestic violence.

“The San Angelo Fire Department is absolutely against any type of domestic violence. With October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to come down and be part of this opportunity. No one should suffer any type of domestic violence regardless of the situation and the San Angelo Fire Department absolutely joins with our brothers of law enforcement to take a strong stance against any type of domestic violence,” Mason Matthews with the San Angelo Fire Department said.

Members of the San Angelo Fire Department

“Domestic violence is one of our number one calls for service. It impacts all citizens, all walks of life, it affects children, adults, male, female. We rely on the Family Shelter to assist us in these investigations and helping people find a place to go that don’t have a place to go,” Assistant Chief of the San Angelo Police Department Tracy Fincher said.

“Being a member of the Texas Department of Public Safety, I really think it’s important and am happy to see that we’re coming together as a community during this month for domestic violence. When you look at the stats and see that one in four children are exposed to domestic violence, it’s one of those numbers that should be zero,” DPS Sgt. Justin Baker said.

DPS Sgt. Justin Baker

“You know we just want to speak today on reasons why victims don’t report. There are a number of reasons and they include that the victim feels like they are alone, well organizations like the Family Shelter and victims’ services, anytime you call law enforcement they will be able to network you in to a law enforcement support system where you’re not alone. The other thing is that you won’t be believed. I assure you, law enforcement in our communities will take every complaint seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. Lack of resources. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help people out of difficult situations. You’re not alone we’re here for victims of family violence and we hope that if you’re in such a situation that you have the courage to come forward because we’re here to help,” Nick Hanna, Tom Green County Sheriff-elect, said.

Nick Hanna and Lt. Terry Lowe

Participating alongside these men were KSAN’s Aaron Ayers and Jeff Caldwell.

Aaron Ayers and Jeff Caldwell

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