Meet the candidates running for San Angelo Mayor: Silvara Lawson


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Silvara Lawson was born in Okinawa, Japan when her father, who served as special forces, was stationed there. She later moved to Washington state then, her family settled in San Angelo.

She graduated from Lake View High School and was very active in a variety of activities. She was a professional ballerina in her teens and performed across the nation, recorded a country album in Tennessee, and traveled the rodeo circuit with her family selling hats and t-shirts. Now she is in a band and sells real estate.

Senora Scott: Why did you want to run for mayor?

Silvara Lawson: Well I know I’m a younger, I’m 28, but I’ve already lived a full life so why not run for mayor? And I ask everyone else, why not step up and do something for your community? It’s not about the money, you make less than $4,800, or something around that a year, but this is about serving your community and I know a lot of people who have been interested in this and I’ve always been the person…I don’t mind stepping out and paving the way for others to go and do so and I feel like it’s very important for others to be inspired to step up and do something outside of their comfort zone.

SS: What is the first issue you will tackle if you are elected?

SL: Actually it’s gonna be our water. I’m currently working, I had a company reach out to me called Verichem, and whether I’m mayor or not, I’m gonna have this company come out here and I’m trying to make a big test. So this company they have a machine and this machine can not only get rid of bio-contaminants it also gets rid of chemical contaminants like the radium in the Hickory Aquifer and the Benzine…it’s not out of our water. I feel like this has been going on for a long time, I’ve been reaching out to resources. These guys found me and they want to come here and do a public test.

SS: What is one sentence or a final message you’d share with someone to convince them to vote for you?

SL: If you want someone that’s not going to talk down to you…I’m going to talk with you. Like last night, I got to talk to a great union and instead of me standing up there and preaching to the choir with a whole message that I practiced  and everything I sat down and we just chit chatted. Instead of me telling y’all my ideas I’ll ask for your ideas. You know what, we all have ideas and I’m not going to stand up here and pretend that I have every answer in the world but I do know that y’all have answers and we need someone to talk to us.

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